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Chromium oxide green


  Another name: Chrome oxide greenMolecular formula:Cr2O3Molecular weight:151.99Properties and features:Green crys- tal powder,metal luster magnetic,specific gravity is 5.21,melting point is 2266℃C ,boiling point is 4000℃C good covering strength,high-tempera fastness.Not soluble in water barely solubie in acids compwatively stble in ar,uratfecied by aeids and ture-resisting and sunlight Rtealie of conmon dersity" suihisdioxide,suihr hydrogan efc.Crrome oxide gfen commen 'pe ejons encelet quslity and firmness.

Dyestuff grades Metallurgy grades
Item Index(%) Index ltem Index(%)
Premium grades First grade
(Cr2O3)content 99.00 99.00 Cr2O3 content ≥98.50
shade Standard or as your requirement Fe2O3 < 0.030
Tinting strength 95.00 95.00 P <0.001
Oil absorption 25.00 25.00 Co <0.001
covering power 15.00 15.00 Mn <0.001
residue on sieve% 0.50 0.50 Cu <0.001
moisture content% 0.30 0.50 Ni <0.001
solvend asCr+65PPM 0.10 Pb <0.001
Water soluble matte% 0.30 0.30 -- --

Use:In smelting of metal chrome, as coloring agent of chrome carbideenamnel glass,aruticial lesther as iic synhetie catalys, in making of arlighn fastness comtingsmdking of poludhing omirent ad dreae etc
Package:Pinstic weaved bag, lined with PE bag, and 25KG or 40KG weight.